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Lifestream Organic Spirulina Boost 500tab

Lifestream Organic Spirulina Boost 500tab

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Lifestream Organic Spirulina 500mg Tablets are a certified organic spiral shaped microscopic freshwater plant, which is well absorbed by the human body and has a range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and protein. Spirulina Boost has a protein content 60-70% higher than any other natural food. Natures richest superfood is a powerhouse of nutrients while being low in calories and saturated fat. 
It is grown in one of only two certified organic spirulina plants in the world, by the pioneers and global leaders of microalgae research and cultivation. The purpose-built plant is situated in an isolated area of the countryside, with no exposure to pollution to ensure optimum growing conditions for a quality product.

Lifestream Organic Spirulina is a powerful immune system support food due to its high levels of phytonutrients including carotenoids, xanthophylls, and chlorophyll.

  • Supports energy levels, vitality, and stamina 
  • Antioxidant protection
  • Supports heart health 
  • Supports a healthy nervous system 
  • Protein source suitable for vegetarians/vegan


    Adults: Take 6 tablets (3g) daily. Increased amounts up to 18 tablets daily can be taken as advised by your healthcare professional.

    Children 6 - 12 years: Take 3 tablets (1.5g) daily.


    Certified Organic Spirulina 500mg (Spirulina platensis) 100%

    The spirulina in this product has been tested for and shown to contain nil detectable amounts of BMAA.


    • If you are taking any prescribed medications we recommend you check with your healthcare professional before taking supplements.
    • This product contains Chromium. People with diagnosed diabetes should check with their doctor as blood sugar levels could be altered when using this product.


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