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Pro-Life Super Broccoli 120tab

Pro-Life Super Broccoli 120tab

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Pro-Life Super Broccoli contains broccoli seed extract, one of the cruciferous vegetables that are widely considered to be a healthful super food. It naturally contains phytochemical called glucoraphanin, a precursor of sulforaphane that has many health benefits in human bodies.


Broccoli is high in vitamin C and dietary fiber; it also contains multiple nutrients with potent properties, such as diindolylmethane and small amounts of selenium. Broccoli also contains the compound glucoraphanin, which can be processed into an anti-cancer compound sulforaphane.

Broccoli is also an excellent source of indole-3-carbinol, a chemical which seems to boost DNA repair in cells.  

Broccoli has the highest levels of carotenoids in the brassica family. It is particularly rich in lutein and also provides a modest amount of beta-carotene.


Take 1-2 capsules daily with food, or as professionally recommended.


Each Capsule Contains:

Broccoli seed extract – Equivalent to fresh broccoli 9,000mg

Also contains: Encapsulating aids. Extract used.


If pregnant, lactating, suffering from a medical condition or taking medication seek professional health advice before supplementing.



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