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Thompson's St John's Wort 4000 60cap

Thompson's St John's Wort 4000 60cap

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Thompson's High Potency St John's Wort 4000 can be used to help manage feelings of anxiety, stress and sadness. St John's Wort is a natural non-habit forming way to improve well being and elevate mood. St John's Wort can also be used for the relief of mild nerve pain.

St John's Wort is a traditional herb that addresses low mood and depression, and has been used traditionally to combat the demons of melancholy. It has been used medicinally since ancient Greek times where it is believed Dioscorides and Hippocrates used it to rid the body of evil spirits.

Modern scientific studies have resulted in St John’s Wort being taken worldwide for the maintenance of healthy emotional balance and wellbeing. It has been shown to alleviate anxiety, to promote calm, and have beneficial effects on disturbed sleep patterns.


Indications for Use:

  • May assist with the symptomatic relief of stress disorders.
  • May assist in the management of anxiety and mood swings.
  • Helps elevate the mood and helps lift feelings of sadness and emotional agitation.
  • May assist in the relief of nervous tension and anxiety associated with PMT.
  • Has been traditionally used for the relief of nerve pain.


Adults: Take one tablet daily with food.


Each Tablet Contains:

  • Concentrated herbal extract equivalent to dry; 
  • St John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) herb top flowering 4g (4000mg) 
  • Standardised to contain Hypericin 2.2mg


This product will start to exert beneficial effects within 2-4 weeks of continuous use.

If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.

Do not use with anti-depressant medications.

St John's Wort affects the way a number of prescription medicines work, including the oral contraceptive pill.

Breakthrough bleeding has been reported in 12 cases, which can indicate decreased effectiveness of oral contraceptives. Use this combination with caution.



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